This website, or blog, is made specially for the artist in residence project 'Love Of Nature'
My name is Lies Goemans, and I'm painting in the south of France, for the duration of April. I'm going to share my paintings each day on this blog and if you like to travel along you can receive those paintings in your e-mailbox for free every day.

So if you like to join the arrival of spring in paint don't hesitate and subscribe HERE

Some of you have already joined my earlier travelprojects, like a trip to India, a trip to China or the 3-yearsproject Happy-Mini-Mail. If so, you know I like to share my findings with you in -painted-pictures. I really like to take you with me on my trips. As if you are a traveling companion.  

If you did'nt join me before and do like to know more about who I am and what I do you could take a look on some of my other websites or on facebook. I hope you come along on this trip, enjoy!

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